Reviews and Q&A’s

Reviews, Q&As, Interviews with other people 

Interview with Francine Witte, Flash Monsters!!!, March, 2021

I had a blast interviewing Francine. We didn’t discuss craft. We discussed fun stuff. Like dinner parties, with writers living and dead; David Bowie, Paul McCartney.

BEING LOLITA by Alisson Wood—A primer in flash memoiringPidgeonholes, November, 2020

Wood and I discuss narration, trauma, and how to write memoir—flash by flash by flash.

“Leonora Desar: My Fave Five,” Bending Genres, June, 2020

Here, I dish about five of my favorite recent pieces: flash, nonfiction, poetry, COMICS.

“Funny-Sadness: Etgar Keret’s Fly Already,” Washington Square Review, December, 2019

Humor, sadness, goldfish, and my wish for Etgar Keret to write a character named “Leonora.”

Smoke & Mirrors: An Interview with Kim Magowan, SmokeLong Quarterly, March, 2019

Me and Kim Magowan talk craft, character and threesomes (of the writing kind)

Author & Editor Picks: Favorite Short Stories (St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves)Medium, May, 2016

Bending the Rules with Kathy Fish and Robert Vaughan, Authors of Rift; Bartleby Snopes; February, 2016

Blurring Genre Boundaries with Ashley Inguanta; Bartleby Snopes; October, 2015

Beyond Anecdote: How to Write Flash Fiction That Means Something; Bartleby Snopes; August, 2015