Reviews and Q&A’s

Reviews, Q&As, Interviews with other people 

“The Witchery of Kathy Fish: A fangirling serious essay where I talk about Fish’s piece, “Everything’s Shitty at Price King,” writing witchcraft, and how to use Fish’s techniques for your own sorcery,” January 2022

Interview with Francine Witte, Flash Monsters!!!, March, 2021

I had a blast interviewing Francine. We didn’t discuss craft. We discussed fun stuff. Like dinner parties, with writers living and dead; David Bowie, Paul McCartney.

BEING LOLITA by Alisson Wood—A primer in flash memoiringPidgeonholes, November, 2020

Wood and I discuss narration, trauma, and how to write memoir—flash by flash by flash.

“Leonora Desar: My Fave Five,” Bending Genres, June, 2020

Here, I dish about five of my favorite recent pieces: flash, nonfiction, poetry, COMICS.

“Funny-Sadness: Etgar Keret’s Fly Already,” Washington Square Review, December, 2019

Humor, sadness, goldfish, and my wish for Etgar Keret to write a character named “Leonora.”

Smoke & Mirrors: An Interview with Kim Magowan, SmokeLong Quarterly, March, 2019

Me and Kim Magowan talk craft, character and threesomes (of the writing kind)

Author & Editor Picks: Favorite Short Stories (St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves)Medium, May, 2016

Bending the Rules with Kathy Fish and Robert Vaughan, Authors of Rift; Bartleby Snopes; February, 2016

Blurring Genre Boundaries with Ashley Inguanta; Bartleby Snopes; October, 2015

Beyond Anecdote: How to Write Flash Fiction That Means Something; Bartleby Snopes; August, 2015