Creative Writing Awards


“A naked woman shows up at the door,” nominated for Best of the Net by Black Warrior Review, September, 2019

“Some Meaning—, ” shortlisted for The Master’s Review flash fiction contest, August, 2019

“Twelve,” (published in Passages North) chosen for the Wigleaf Top 50 of 2019, selecting editor Mary Miller , May, 2019

“Catherine,” finalist for Wigleaf‘s 2019 Mythic Picnic Prize in Fiction, May, 2019

My “Dear Wigleaf,”  finalist for the Mythic Picnic Postcard, May, 2019

American Short Fiction, Semi-finalist for American Short Fiction‘s American Short(er) Fiction Contest, April, 2019

“On Scars,” Top 25 finalist, Glimmer Train’s January/February 2019 Very Short Fiction Award, May, 2019

“Some Meaning— ” short-listed, “Matt’s basement” and “The age of the dinosaurs” long-listed for TSS Publishing‘s Flash 400 competition, April, 2019

“My Father’s Girlfriend” (matchbook) chosen for Best Small Fictions 2019, April, 2019

“The List,” longlisted for the Bath Flash Fiction Award, February, 2019 

Three stories selected for inclusion in the Best Microfiction anthology, chosen by Dan Chaon: “My Father’s Girlfriend,” “The Monkey,” Fire, Ocean,” February, 2019

“How to Bake an Earthquake,” nominated by Reflex Fiction for Best Small Fictions 2019; January, 2019

“Twelve,” nominated by Passages North for Best Small Fictions 2019; January, 2019

“My Father’s Girlfriend,” nominated for the Best Microfiction anthology by matchbook, December, 2018

“My Father’s Girlfriend” nominated for the Pushcart Prize and Best Small Fictions 2019  by matchbook; November, 2018

“No One’s Boyfriend,” nominated for the Best Microfiction anthology by Atticus Review; November, 2018

“In this fantasy I went to live with my therapist—” finalist, Mid-American Review, 2018 Fineline Competition, November, 2018

“My Fake Brother,” Crazyhorse, 2018 Crazyshorts! Short-Short Fiction Competition, one of three finalists/runner-ups, October, 2018

“My Fake Brother,” finalist, Gigantic Sequins, 7th annual flash fiction contest, September, 2018

“As if from some great distance,” Top 25 Finalist, Glimmer Train, Very Short Fiction Award, July/August 2018 competition 

“Other Fish” (short-listed), “No One’s Boyfriend” (long-listed), TSS Publishing‘s Flash 400 competition, summer, 2018

“How to Bake an Earthquake,” short-listed, Reflex Fiction, June, 2018

“Flotsam” and “In this fantasy I went to live with my therapist–” long-listed for the SmokeLong Quarterly Award for Flash Fiction, May 2018

“The Jennifers,” finalist for Passages North‘s Neutrino Short-Short Prize, May, 2018

American Short Fiction, Semi-finalist for American Short Fiction‘s American Short(er) Fiction Contest, April, 2018

TSS Publishing, “Fire Ocean,” third place winner of the Flash 400 competition; spring, 2018

TSS Publishing, “Sunday Drives to See My Grandma,” highly commended, Flash 400 competition spring, 2018

TSS Publishing, Four pieces in all on short list:  “Apples, “How to Bake an Earthquake,” “Sunday Drives to See My Grandma” “Fire, Ocean”; Flash 400 competition; spring, 2018

“Charmed,” Bath Flash Fiction Award, long list, February, 2018

“Daughter,” River Styx, third place winner, 2018 microfiction contest, February, 2018

“Hunger,” Quarter After Eight, finalist/one of two runner-ups for the Robert J. DeMott Short Prose contest, judged by Stuart Dybek, January, 2018

“Disney,” Bath Flash Fiction Award, short list, October, 2017

“The Jennifers,” Finalist for Black Warrior Review‘s inaugural flash prose contest, October, 2017

SmokeLong Quarterly, Finalist for the 2016 Kathy Fish Fellowship, December, 2015

“All the Sounds of China,” Bartleby Snopes, Winner, Story of the Month contest, September, 2014

“Blue Echo,”  Honorable Mention for Glimmer Train‘s Very Short Fiction Award, July, 2014

“Silent Running,” New Millennium Writings, Honorable Mention for nonfiction, June, 2013

Richard T. Baker Award for magazine writing, May, 2013, the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism