Interviews with me

Maudlin House, Writer of the Week, January, 2021

Technically, not an interview, but I don’t know where else to put it, so I am putting it here. In this non-interview, I discuss hot dogs, first-person junkiedom, and my obsessions.

Interview with Flash Monsters!!!, November, 2020

Here, I talk about my favorite COVID discoveries and reboots, the Flash Monsters!!! revolution, and that one, indelible writer I can’t get off my mind.

SmokeLong Quarterly, Smoke & Mirrors with Leonora Desar, June, 2020

Here, I talk about my third place winning story, “*69,” the modern equivalent of *69ing someone (hint: it has to do with this site), plots and plotting, and a very famous writing icon bossing around another famous writing icon, in leg-warmers.

Interview with Meg Pokrass, August 2019

Here, Meg interviews me about her workshops and my creative process.  I talk about procrastinating under palm trees (fake ones), my fave authors, and Keanu Reeves, who’s warming up my hard drive.

New Flash Fiction Review, June, 2019

Sneak peek/Cheat sheet:

–what NOT to do with editing (and editors)
–Jennifer Grey’s nose. (What the hell does this have to do with editing?)
–George Saunders and Miranda July take a bath: and talk Art.

“The funny-sad thing (n): The way certain writers captivate readers by disguising something Incredibly Deep using humor. It’s poignant, it’s profound, but it never says it, I’m profound.”

SmokeLong Quarterly; Guest-editor interview; January, 2019

Here I talk about making (and breaking) my resolutions, Inner Critics, and why the best place for them is the basement.

Mini-interview with Tommy Dean; January, 2019

Here I dish about some of my favorite flash, being a faux-journalist, and that creepy ghost in my old building.

SmokeLong Quarterly; Smoke and Mirrors: An Interview with Leonora Desar; March, 2018

Where I talk about my story “Aftershave and Soil,” where wives get buried in the backyard after watching The Bachelor.