Select Features and Magazine Articles 

Our Town Downtown/NYPress.com:

The Friendly Conman” (Cover Story)

“Blindfolds, Caresses and Accordions”

“Blind Sighted”

Celebrity State of Mind” (Cover Story)

“Inside The Secret Door” (Cover Story)

“The Enchanted World of Erin Morgenstern”

Parenting magazine

“Blessing in Disguise”

“Knicker Shock”

Help! My Kid Loves Violent Video Games”


“The Secret Life of a Ghosthunter” 

Psychology Today:

“Getting Your Goat”

“The Truth About Sacrifice”

“Happily Never After”

“Hiding in Plain Sight”

“The Hidden Costs of Resilience”


“9 Things You Didn’t Know You Can Make in a Muffin Tin”

West Side Rag:

“New Lincoln Center ‘Think’ Exhibit is Glittery Corporate PR”

“Rare Breed of Mosquitos Attacks the Upper West Side: Welts, Bandages and Hospitalizations”

Business Insider:

“Five Things to Consider Before You Hook Up With Your Neighbor Tonight”

“Five Ways a Doorman Can Make or Break Your Sale”

Brick Underground:

“Ten Things to Consider Before Buying a Brownstone”

LD+A Magazine

“A System of Oppression”

“Down the Rabbit Hole”