Creative Writing Publications



“Petiteness,” Mid-American Review, 2022

On Scars,” Pigeon Pages, April 2022


“*69,” The Best Small Fictions 2021 (originally published in SmokeLong Quarterly), October 2021

“Some Meaning–” and “Matt’s Basement,” Best Microfiction 2021, July 2021

Three pieces in Quarter After Eight, issue 27, spring 2021:

“In this fantasy I’m still friends with Amanda–“

“Magic Earplugs”


“Helen Keller Lives,” New Flash Fiction Review, March, 2021

Four pieces in Gargoyle, Issue 72:

“<In theory>”


“Snow Pose”

“Everything here is yours,” January, 2021

“Leonora’s Road Trip,”  No Contact, January 2021


“Don’t,” New South, issue 13.2, fall/winter 2020

“Charles Dickens Writes Me a Letter,” New Flash Fiction Review, December, 2020

“Matt’s Basement,” No Contact, November, 2020

“Eleanora,” Entropy, October, 2020

“As if from some great distance,” Columbia: A Journal of Literature and Art, issue 58, 2020

“Minor Key” Puerto del Sol, July, 2020

“My Mother, the Light Fixture,” Yemassee, spring, 2020

“*69,” SmokeLong Quarterly, June, 2020

“Grandpa Cohen,” New Delta Review, May 2020

“Men in the Computer, II,” Superstition Review, May, 2020

“Some Meaning—,” The Cincinnati Review, April, 2020

“In this fantasy I am always watching Saturday morning cartoons—” The Ilanot Review, winter, 2020

“Campgate,” Booth, March, 2020

“The Jennifers,” Mid-American Review, winter, 2020


“The List,” With One Eye on the Cows, an anthology of the Bath Flash Fiction Award, December, 2019

“Palabras,” translation of my story “Words” into Spanish,  in the anthology,  Instantáneas de ficción, Vol. 2; 2019;  translation also appears in  Susurros Chinos

“Uncle Billy,” matchbook, December, 2019

“In this fantasy Keanu Reeves saves me from myself—,” Vol. 1 Brooklyn, November, 2019

“Woods,” Milk Candy Review, November, 2019

and Two Questions for Leonora Desar

“My Father’s Girlfriend,” The Best Small Fictions 2019, (originally published in matchbook), November, 2019

“Honey,” Lost Balloon, August, 2019

Six stories with No Tokens, June, 2019, including:

“The secret is Jack— ”

“This is Us (plus one)”

“How to Make a New Mother for That Holiday”





Stories illustrated by Annabel Graham

The age of the dinosaurs,” Flash Flood Journal, June, 2019

<Three Ways of Saying the Same Thing>” New Flash Fiction Review, June, 2019

My Father’s Girlfriend,” “The Monkey” and “Fire, Ocean” chosen for Best Microfiction 2019, guest-edited by Dan Chaon

Stories were originally published in matchbook, Reflex Fiction, and in TSS Publishing as the third place winner of the Flash 400 competition. April, 2019

Catherine,”Wigleaf, April, 2019

(and my Dear Wigleaf, at Wigleaf)

“Three Stories About an Affair,” Paper Darts, April, 2019

My Fake Brother,” Sonora Review Online, March, 2019

“My Fake Brother” Republished in Miramichi Flash, July 2021

Words,”  New Flash Fiction Review, March, 2019

Men’s Secrets,” CHEAP POP, February, 2019

“In this fantasy I went to live with my therapist—” Mid-American Review, issue 39.1; winter, 2019

Something,” the Fanzine, January, 2019


Charmed,” Things Left and Found by the Side of the Road : Bath Flash Vol 3, an anthology of the Bath Flash Fiction Award, December, 2018

No One’s Boyfriend,” Atticus Review, November, 2018

Us,” CHEAP POP, September, 2018

Things You Need to Know About My Grandma,” Jellyfish Review; Stories for Dead People special issue, August, 2018

A naked woman shows up at the door,” Black Warrior Review, June, 2018

Daughter,” River Styx, summer, 2018

How to Bake an Earthquake,” Reflex Fiction, June, 2018

The Hot Fudge Lady,” the National Flash Fiction Day 2018 Anthology, June, 2018

Apples,” Flash Flood Journal, June, 2018

Fire, Ocean,” TSS Publishing, May, 2018

The Monkey,”  Reflex Fiction, May, 2018

Sunday Drives to See My Grandma,” TSS Publishing, April, 2018

“Hunger,” Quarter After Eight, Volume 24, spring, 2018

Twelve,” Passages North, spring, 2018

My Mother in the Floorboards,” New Flash Fiction Review, spring, 2018

My Father’s Girlfriendmatchbook, March, 2018

This is Saturday,” Hobart, March, 2018

Aftershave and Soil,” SmokeLong Quarterly, January, 2018


Mania,” Blue Five Notebook, Twin Peaks’ issue (see Part 9), December, 2017

Instagram Jesus,” Barrelhouse (online), December, 2017

Disney,The Lobsters Run Free, an anthology of the Bath Flash Fiction Award, December, 2017


Girls in Chalk,”  Devil‘s Lake, fall, 2016

The Abaya,”  SmokeLong Quarterly, March, 2016

“Alice and Larissa,”  Harpur Palate;  Vol. 15, No. 2, February, 2016

“Alice and Larissa,” Republished in FLASH BOULEVARD, August, 2018


“Blue Echo,” The Citron Review; December, 2014

“All the Sounds of China,” Bartleby Snopes; September, 2014 (Story of the Month)

“All the Sounds of China,” Republished in FLASH BOULEVARD, November, 2020

Creative Nonfiction

“Silent Running,” Prick of the Spindle; Issue 8.1, 2014