Dear Leo, Collaborations


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Sometimes I write. Sometimes I avoid writing and give advice. If I’m lucky I can turn it into writing

DEAR LEO #1  How to deal with being a failed writer, writing to get in someone’s pants, writing with the blood, and a bunch of other stuff  (April, 2018)

DEAR LEO #2: Even It Was Crap (May, 2018)

DEAR LEO #3: Dylan McKay is Not That Into Me (July, 2018)

DEAR LEO #4: How to talk to dead writers—and get them to talk back (September, 2018)

DEAR LEO #5: Talk to Someone Weird (and leave the house) (December, 2018)

DEAR LEO #6: Writing Your Inner Child—Or how to see with “Salvador Dali Eyes” (an awesome story by Douglas Campbell that you’re going to wish you wrote yourself) (August, 2019)


“Love is Blind” Barrelhouse workshop roundtable, March 2020

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3