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Sometimes I write. Sometimes I avoid writing and give advice. If I’m lucky I can turn it into writing

DEAR LEO #1  How to deal with being a failed writer, writing to get in someone’s pants, writing with the blood, and a bunch of other stuff  (April, 2018)

DEAR LEO #2: Even It Was Crap (May, 2018)

DEAR LEO #3: Dylan McKay is Not That Into Me (July, 2018)

DEAR LEO #4: How to talk to dead writers—and get them to talk back (September, 2018)

DEAR LEO #5: Talk to Someone Weird (and leave the house) (December, 2018)

DEAR LEO #6: Writing Your Inner Child—Or how to see with “Salvador Dali Eyes” (an awesome story by Douglas Campbell that you’re going to wish you wrote yourself) (August, 2019)

DEAR LEO #7:” In Praise of Writing ‘Dull'” Or how a simple writing prompt is better than all the good ideas—” (September, 2020)

DEAR LEO #8: “Betty and Veronica—or how opposites attract (the reader)” (October, 2020)


“Love is Blind” Barrelhouse workshop roundtable, March 2020

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3